Rule The Games, But don't let them Rule YOU!!!

Video Game Addiction
-Do you call playing video games for only 4 straight hours a "light day"?

-Do you shun human relationships for virtual relationships with Game Characters?

-Do you prefer the virtual gaming world over the real world?

These questions may sting a bit.

I know because at one time I would have placed a gleaming "YES" next to each and everyone of them. I was addicted to video games for over ten years.

-I would easily clock in 12 hours a day playing Super Mario 64 and GoldenEye.

-I would happily avoid going on dates (or shorten them) to get back to playing Star Wars and Street Fighter II.

Besides Bastilia Shan and Chun Li were hot.

-Hyrule and Morrowind were way more interesting than Earth.

But do you know how we get addicted to video games?

Or an even better question is, how do we get addicted to ANYTHING??

I'll tell you because once you know how you get can get "Un-addicted"

We become addicted to various things because we don't feel that we can control anything in our own worlds.

That's right...

I used to believe that my own home life, etc., was SO messed up that it could not be fixed...

BUT I could go to a fantasy world where everything was just fine and dandy.

I could CONTROL things in Hyrule, Outworld, and Metroid...

...but Earth? Not so much.

So what did I do?

I traded in a reality that I could not control (or felt I couldn't anyway,) for one that I COULD control...a fantasy world.

A world where I was the Master,

I was the HERO,

I was GOD.

But do you know what happens?

You may fix The Lost Land, The Mushroom Kingdom, and Coroban,
but your base back on Earth will go into disrepair and will only steadily get worse over time.

To grow un-Addicted to any "thing" you must realize that you wield more power on Earth than you ever could within the confines of a machine...and the world you create on Earth will be much more exciting than anything that Capcom can pump out.

This subliminal message:

-Helps you Mentally confront your triggers and reasons for addiction.

-Helps you consciously redirect your cravings away from Gaming and to other positive venues.

-Helps you feel empowered and to accept with great confidence that you can beat your addiction to video games.

Some of the affirmations included in this message are:

I am strong enough to face pain and fear without video games.
I am completely capable of living my life without video games.
I can easily live my life without video games.
When I become upset and stressed I breathe deeply and relax.
I find something positive to do when I feel stressed.
I enjoy video games in moderation without going to extremes.

These Affirmations work after just one night of use!

If any of this sounds like you,