Are you ready to find that Special Someone? Start Attracting them TODAY!

Attracting A Mate
How do you begin the search for THE ONE?


-Singles' Bars?


-Want Ads?

While those are a great start and may have worked for some, the best way to find the one is to begin "attracting them"

How do you "attract them"?

By thinking about them and visualizing yourself already with them many, many times throughout the day.

-How do they look?

-What are their interests?

-What do you two do together?

Now that's the EASY part because you are probably ALREADY visualizing yourself with them through your daydreams.

-BUT before you can visualize yourself with that special ONE, you must lay the groundwork for their arrival.

How do you do that?

-You must be "worthy enough" to meet that special someone.

And that's where most of us run into trouble.

To be "Worthy", you must be free from jealousy, insecurity, unforgiveness and other types of baggage that you may still carry from previous relationships.

All negativity must be expunged...ALL OF IT.

Mama always said that, "Food tastes better in a clean house", and like that old adage,

"Relationships run better with a Clean Spirit."

Inviting THE ONE into your life with all that bad stuff still present, is akin to inviting them into your home when you haven't cleaned.

They might be repulsed by all of that dirt and clutter lying around and leave.

Somewhat counterproductive wouldn't you say?

Some of the affirmations included in this message are:

I am attracting my mate into my life.
My mate is entering my life.
I am destined to meet my mate.
I am always looking for my perfect partner.
My perfect partner is just around the corner.
I am getting close to finding my mate.

These Affirmations work after

just one night of use!

This subliminal message will:

-Help you feel and therefore become more attractive.

-Help you confront your insecurities and replace them with self-assurance.

-Fill your mind with positive affirmations to bring your mate to you.

So if you are ready to start attracting THE ONE today.


and Let The Cleaning Begin...