Do you want to Enhance Your Fathering Skills?

Become a Better Father

Being a parent is probably the most difficult, thankless, and still the most rewarding job in the world.

Being a Father is especially tough.

The qualities you must master often seem to contradict each other.

You've got to walk softly and carry a big stick.

You've got be big as a giant, yet small enough to be approachable.

You've got to go out in the world to help support the family, yet be at home enough to still be a guiding presence.

Father's have to be a rock...but a loving rock.

Tough and Durable, yet Soft and Pliable at the same time.

Everything is about balance, something that is always so difficult to maintain.

Some of the affirmations included in this message are:

I am a good father.
I love being around my children.
I love to help my children.
Helping and caring for my children makes me feel happy, excited and powerful.
I love to take care of my children.
I enjoy my children's prescence.

These Affirmations work after

just one night of use!

This subliminal message will:

-Help you be more patient with your children.

-Help you confront your insecurities and replace them with self-assurance.

-Increase your power and positivity regarding the handling of children.

-Help you appreciate and greatly enjoy every moment spent with your children.

If you would like a little help in becoming a better Father, aka The Loving Rock,