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Become a Super Student

Back in the day, I was a pretty good student.

I got straight A's most of the time and even when I didn't, I usually would get only 1 or 2 B's.

I wasn't THE BEST student but I did pretty well.

I graduated in the Top 10% of my high school class and was offered several full scholarships to college.

A lot of people would ask me what was my secret to doing well in school:

Them: How do you study?

Me: I just read the chapters after class.

Them: Do you take notes?

Me: Not Really.

Them: How often do you study?

Me: Once a day during the week.

Them: Do you cheat?

Me: Of course not.

As you can see, my answers were not that spectacular.

But why were my results so spectacular?

You see, my peers were asking me the wrong questions.

What they should have been asking me was,

What drove me to do so well?

And the answer was simply:
The Thrill of Victory.

I didn't study to actually learn (even though I did in the process).

I studied simply to make some of the highest grades in class.

I studied to beat everyone else...

To see the look of defeat on the faces of my classmates when my test grade was read aloud in class...

To win.

I loved to win...

You see school for me (and for you too whether you realize it or not) is just one BIG competition, One Big Game.

And I loved to play it and I loved to win it even more.

I would study for a test simply to defeat everyone else.

The feeling of confidently flying through a "tough" exam why everyone else around me struggled was the greatest high in the world.

There was nothing better than crushing all of the other students with the weight of grades alone.

The feeling of being the best was it's own reward. The reward of scholarships and such was just a side effect.

This subliminal product will:

-Remove self imposed mental boundaries that keep you from doing well in school.

-Ignite your competitive edge to make you want to defeat your peers.
(and provide you with extra satisfaction when you do!)

- Help you love to learn.

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