Happiness is a CHOICE. CHOOSE IT NOW

Choose Happiness

What do you think about happiness?

Do you wait for your happiness to appear or do you get out in the world and grab it yourself?

The best option is the latter.

There are people who are millionaires who you believe have the perfect life, but are miserable.

Then there are those who seem to be poor but are in actuality very happy.

Do you want to know why?

Happiness is a Response. Happiness is a chosen response to all circumstances in your life.

Happiness comes from being grateful and thankful for your life no matter what state it is in.

Truly Happy people know that Not one single external person or possession in your life can make you happy.
Not your friends.
Not your loved ones.
Not your spouse.
Not your coworkers.
Not your belongings.
Not even your pets.

Only YOU can make you happy.

We are all responsible for our own happiness.

Therefore you should simply CHOOSE to be happy.

This subliminal is designed to help you be thankful and grateful for your life and open the door for you to choose to be happy.

Try it today.