Fear of Crowds

Does the thought of attending a concert or other public venue cause you to fret?

Do you tend to stay away from busy cities or even shopping malls simply because the thought of too many people in one place irks you?

You might just be afraid of crowds.

Don't let this completely curable phobia keep you from enjoying the best in life.

Take Action.

Some of the affirmations included in this message are:

I am not afraid of crowds.
I have nothing to fear from crowds.
Crowds are simply groups of people.
People do not frighten me.
Crowds will not harm me.
Crowds make me feel great.

These Affirmations work after just one night of use!

This subliminal message will:

-Help you confront your insecurities regarding Crowds.

-Greatly Increase your comfort level regarding Crowds.

-Help ease your internal negative response to Large Groups of People.

-Greatly reduce your Agoraphobia.