Fear of Lightning and Thunderstorms
Since the beginning of time, people have been afraid of Thunderstorms... and for good reason.

Powerful winds.
Copious amounts of rain.
The blinding flashes of Lightning.
And of course, the deafening crackles of Thunder.

Any ONE of these factors can bring destruction, yet all of them at once is enough to make people understandably apprehensive.

Yet as fearsome as they are, Thunderstorms are a natural occurrence. You will have to get used to them sooner or later... why not SOONER than LATER????

Some of the affirmations included in this message are:

Thunder will not harm me.
The sound of thunder will not harm me.
Storms are a natural part of life and I do not fear them.
The thought of storms makes me feel happy and relaxed.
Lightning and thunderstorms are enjoyable.
Thunderstorms soothe and relax me.

These Affirmations work after just one night of use!

This subliminal message will:

-Help you confront your insecurities regarding Unsafe Weather.

-Increase your comfort level regarding Thunder/Lightning storms.

-Help ease your internal negative response to Claps of Thunder and Flashes of Lightning.

-Greatly reduce your Fear of Thunderstorms.

If you fear Thunderstorms, DOWNLOAD NOW.

You may even learn to love them...