Increase Your Ability to Focus on Goals
Have you ever needed to accomplish a goal and you couldn't focus on it long enough to finish?

We at BLS know all too well about distractions.

There was this one time at band camp where we were getting ready for the first pep rally of the season, when Johnny came in the room and said that local sorority was having a wet t-shirt contest down the block and we were all invited. I was hoping Sarah would be there, so I got dressed and ran to go grab some beer, but I found out that I didn't have any cash so I tried to...

NEVERMIND!!! AAAARGH I hate it when that happens...I went off on a tangent. I apologize.

See that's what happens when you are trying to focus on a major goal...YOU GET DISTRACTED!

Your mind literally starts to focus on the wrong thing instead of what you should be concentrating on, therefore MAKING YOUR GOALS VIRTUALLY UNATTAINABLE.

If you want to complete your goals, you must stay as focused on them as a sniper locked in its target. You must NEVER let it out of your sights!!

It's like getting into your car to run an errand but you get so distracted with what's playing on the radio that you never make it out of the driveway.

Speaking of cars, I need to take mine to the shop... It's making this annoying -whir-whir-whr sound whenever I try to start it.

I really need it for Friday because I'm going out with Brenda and I finally got us tickets for the Hall and Oates Revival concert.

Man, it took FOREVER to get those seats!

I had to camp out for three days before...whups there I go again, Getting distracted.

You see what I mean!!?

Some of the affirmations included in this message are:

I know exactly what my goals are.
I am passionate about my goals.
I work towards my goals at all times.
I love working towards my goals.
It is easy for me to concentrate on my goals.
I do not allow anything to distract me from my goals.

These Affirmations work after just one night of use!

This subliminal message will:

-Help you to feel excited about your goals and even more excited about focusing on them.

-Help you to feel eager about completing whatever tasks are at hand.

-Help you to overcome the fears that lead to distraction.

-Help you to become super focused on all of your tasks and bring about the success that you desire.

If your focus (or lack thereof) is anything like ours,