Learn to Say NO NOW!!!

Learn to Say NO
It's completely Okay to say "No".

Stop being a doormat.

I speak from experience because I used to be one. A BIG one. In fact, I swear I had the word "Welcome" written across my forehead.

Coming from a Christian background I was inclined to believe that I needed to do what anyone asked of me because "that was what Jesus wanted me to do" (or so I thought).

This would make me feel good some of the time, but the rest of the time I was miserable.

However, I didn't mind being helpful, but I just didn't want to be used.

Once people figure out that you will not say no, you start getting used all of the time.

However, I couldn't blame the users...

...I could only blame myself because I repeatedly allowed it occur.

I had the power to change it with only one word, "No."

However, I was afraid to say No because I thought I would be seen as a bad person and people wouldn't respect me if I didn't help them.

Work was the same. I would be asked to take on other workers duties quite often. Especially because I was seen as "agreeable" (aka easy )

The only reason this occurred was because someone else had failed at doing their own job.

I was afraid to say No at work for fear of being viewed as being lazy or being fired.

Well, let me tell you. If someone is using you on a regular basis,

They already don't respect you, and they never will.
(Especially, if you continue to ALLOW them to take advantage of you.)

In fact, saying "No" will increase your standing amongst your peers because they will realize that you value yourself and your time.
They will realize that you can't be pushed around and you are worthy of respect.

You have nothing to lose by saying No, but everything to gain.

After I started saying No, the users left and began pestering other known pushovers. I was happier and was truly more respected amongst my peers.

Once I started saying No, I wasn't reprimanded at work for refusing to take on extra unnecessary duties.

In fact, my job performance improved and I received the highest raise I had ever received.

But why did this happen?

Because, I was finally viewed as being a strong and respected worker and not just another drone.

I advise everyone reading this to start learning to Say No as soon as possible.

However, taking that first step can be difficult.

It takes continuous steadfast practice of saying No and meaning it.
This way can take anywhere from months to years to perfect.

Or you can try the Learn to Say No subliminal and gain the confidence and ability overnight!

Some of the affirmations included in this message are:

I look forward to saying no and refusing people.
It feels good to say No.
It feels good to refuse people.
I love to say No.
It's okay to say No to people.

This subliminal message will:

-Help empower you (and love) to say "NO".

-Give you the power to refuse anyone for anything.

-Destroy the fears that prevent you from saying NO, making you super-confident.

-Make "No" feel natural, easy and fun.

So try it out today. Remember, you have the Right to be happy!