Having DIFFICULTY with Mathematics???

Mathematics Aid (Multiple Options Available)

For most students it's the Sarlacc pit of the school day.

I did pretty well in school.

However, Math (particularly Calculus) may have been my LEAST favorite subject. ..and by least favorite I mean I HATED it with a passion.

My hatred ran so deep that if I could have invented a Time Machine to travel back in time and assassinate the people who created calculus I probably would have done it.

But Alas!!

If I killed the creators of Calculus, how could I have created my Time Machine?

(Yeah, Paradoxes are a b*tch aren't they?)

But there lies the naked truth...We Need Math.

So no use developing any qualms or negative attitudes about Mathematics.

If you are going to have ANY career in the sciences, you NEED math. And you will use it ALL OF THE TIME.


But one thing I noticed over time is that the students who did better in Mathematics were the ones who simply FELT better about them.

That's right.

They were confident. They approached everything methodically. and they didn't OVER ANALYZE anything.

My personal problem with math was that I was nervous and this caused me to TRY TOO HARD. I was so focused on getting it right that I would miss things and evidently get everything wrong.

Sometimes, like many educational difficulties, the problem can be boiled down to simple anxiety.

A student believes that a task is difficult and therefore projects that they will not be able to do it. Their projection becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In the end, THEY DO NOT BELIEVE that they can do something AND THEREFORE THEY CANNOT.

These subliminal messages will attack the core negative thinking that the student currently possesses and replace it with a more positive one.

So whether a student is having difficulty with Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, or Calculus (and everything else in between and beyond), we have a package that can help.

These positive messages will lay a groundwork specifically designed to target the student's anxiety about learning mathematics and finally improve their ability to do so.