Do you get nervous about participating in Sports or any other Physical Activity?

Stopping Sports Nervousness
Many years ago, in the days of my youth, I was afraid of Sports.

You see, I was what other kids referred to as a "GEEK".

I was good at school, but bad at anything physical.

I was always the last picked for the teams and when I was picked, I did poorly.

Why was I bad at anything physical?

I didn't have any physical challenges or anything that could be called a disability.

But when I look back, I was bad at sports simply because I was AFRAID of them and was always AFRAID that I would do poorly and look awkward while doing so.

I simply thought too much about sports. Let me correct that...I simply thought too many BAD THOUGHTS about sports.

Any trained athlete will tell you that your mind is your greatest ALLY and also your greatest ENEMY.

Good thoughts HELP you do well...Bad thoughts MAKE you do POORLY.

You let your mind supply you with enough good thoughts and then you TURN IT OFF and let your body do the work.

You put it all on AUTO-PILOT and let come what may.

If you want to become a BETTER ATHLETE and TURN THE BAD THOUGHTS OFF regarding sports and switch to AUTOPILOT,

Stopping Sports Nervousness

Some of the affirmations included in this message are:

My reflexes are fast and functional.
Other people notice that I am very good at all sports.
I am good at sports and I am getting better everyday.
I do not look silly when playing sports.
The other players want to be like me.
I will always do well in any physical activity.

These Affirmations work after just one night of use!

This subliminal message will help you:

-Feel more athletically capable.

-Perform Better in all sports related activities.

-Automatically decrease negative thoughts regarding your performance in Sports.

-Replace your Insecurities with a Superb Level of Confidence.