Created for Ninjas...By Ninjas

Ninjutsu Improvement

The Mysterious and Beautiful Art of the Ninja.

You now have the Power to ENHANCE your Ninjutsu Ability overnight.

So What are you Waiting for???

-Do you want to have an easier time mastering the techniques of Ninjutsu?

-Do you want be more comfortable with your Taijutsu techniques so that they are more second nature?

-Do you train hard, yet still do not see the positive effects of your training?

( Created for Ninpo/Ninjutsu/Taijutsu Practitioners only)

This subliminal message:

-Helps you focus and get the most out of your training so that your skills will be at their sharpest.

-Helps you improve the speed, power and efficiency of your strikes, kicks and techniques.

-Helps to improve all weapons techniques.

-Helps improve agility and footwork (especially rolling/ukemi/flow)

-Helps remove fear from your subconscious so that you can not only practice but perform at your utmost potential.

-Helps you ban all negative thoughts from your subconscious, therefore shielding you from distraction during an actual fight or competition.

-Helps combines all of the aforementioned factors to greatly improve your fighting ability.

Other people will even begin complimenting you on your skill!