Don't Be Afraid to Fight!

Sparring Confidence/ Stop Fear of Fighting
Several of us here at Best Life Subliminal have practiced the martial arts. However, no matter how much you practice, there is always the thought and sometimes fear that you might get hit and hit hard.

but here is the reality...


There is no way around it.




...except maybe get over it ahead of time...

That's right...GET OVER IT.

But how?

In particular, when I was training, my teacher would REQUIRE that EVERY student (regardless of age/sex/rank/athletic ability) participate in full contact sparring at least once. This was the only way to experience the fullness of combat and the reality of injury.

There was a major difference between those who fought well and those who didn't.

-Those who fought well, KNEW they would be hit and accepted it. They fought well in class and often placed well in tournaments.

-Those who fought poorly were afraid to be hit and everything they did was governed by fear.

This made them make mistakes and as you've probably already guessed, they got hit...HARD.

When they did get hit, they were so afraid to get hit again, that they made EVEN MORE MISTAKES and were subsequently PUMMELLED.

Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy, right?

"I'm afraid to get hit (and hurt) so I let this fear control my actions. I'm afraid of the pain and embarrassment. I then concentrate on this one thing so I make mistakes and ultimately bring it to fruition."

I know about this because when I first got into Martial Arts, I was in the latter category...the fearful one.

I got through it the hard way.

I forced myself into the ring everyday (despite my overwhelming fear of injury) and fought through it.

(bloody noses, black eyes, hurt shins and all)

That was MY way to get through it then...however, throughout the years I've developed a simpler, gentler way for you to get your toes wet.

This subliminal message will help you get over the fear of being hit by accepting it from the start.

That's right. Accept the fear of being hit, injured and OWN IT.

If you OWN something, it is YOURS to CONTROL.

Some of the affirmations included in this message are:

I do not fear my opponents because I will defeat them all.
I do not fear attackers because I will easily defeat them all.
My opponents and attackers fear me.
I cannot wait to fight because I know I will beat them all easily.
I am not afraid to be hit.
I accept being hit.

These Affirmations work after

just one night of use!

This will help you become more comfortable with fighting and accept the possibility of being hit.

This will make you a BETTER FIGHTER and a BETTER PRACTITIONER over all.

Go ahead and try it.

I dare you.

If used correctly for the prescribed period you will notice a significant difference the next time you fight.

and reach the next level of your fighting ability!