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The Two Most Important Things in the World

The Two Most Important Things in the World are:

The Inner Dialogue and the Law of Attraction

Many people ask me, Tal what do you mean by "Inner Dialogue"?

The Inner Dialogue is ONE of the most important thing that you do everyday.

Imagine your mind has a soundtrack that it plays constantly everyday. However, the music that you choose to play in your mind influences your mood and your decisions.

If you play Heavy Metal, your day will probably be intense and raw.
If you play Pop, your day will probably be light and upbeat.
If you play Smooth Jazz, your day will probably be laid back and relaxed.
(I personally play Basil Poledouris soundtrack for,"Conan the Barbarian", so everything I do is sweeping and epic, but that's besides the point.)

For example: Let's suppose you are in a board meeting and someone falsely accuses you of flubbing some data.

If your inner soundtrack is Smooth Jazz, you'll probably respond calmly and set a time to discuss the situation later.
If your inner soundtrack is Pop, then you'll probably respond cheerfully to the accuser, hoping to de-escalate the situation.
If your inner soundtrack is playing Heavy Metal, then you'll probably be likely to engage in an intense argument with the accuser right there on the spot.

If your inner soundtrack is Conan The Barbarian, (specifically "Anvil of Crom" ) you'll probably not only engage in a huge argument, but you'll also decapitate the accuser right on the table. As people look on in fear, you'll beat your chest and make a speech about "crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you and hearing the lamentations of their women." or something along those lines...

As you can see in all of these situations, your response to the given stimulus is different depending on what music you are listening to.

Instead of the music of the Inner Soundtrack, the Inner Dialogue is the conversation that you have with yourself every moment of everyday. It is the combination of the thoughts that you tell yourself about every given situation.

If your Inner Dialogue is one of power, confidence and strength, you probably look forward to every single day. Everyday and every situation is a challenge for you to conquer and a way to reap glory. You draw joy from taking on tasks and being victorious.

In contrast, if your Inner Dialogue is one of fear and weakness, you probably dread every single day. Joy is scarce and fleeting and you long for anything to distract you from reality. You have to pull yourself out of bed to a day of tortuous work only to return to bed later more depressed than before.

As you can see, The Inner Dialogue is EXTREMELY important. It literally determines how you feel about your life.

Just like the inner soundtrack, your mood and actions are dependent upon what is playing in your head.

So a man thinks, so is he....

If you tell yourself that you are smart and capable, then you will perform according to that. If you tell yourself that you are stupid and weak, then you will also perform according to that.

Whatever you tell yourself with the most consistency comes to life and becomes your reality.

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This is where the SECOND most important thing comes in:
The Law of Attraction.

Imagine that your mind is an antenna, broadcasting a constant signal into the universe. The universe listens to your signal and provides you with whatever the signal asked for.

However, what determines the signal? Your thoughts. Whatever your thoughts are most riddled with throughout the day is the bulk of the signal being cast out into the universe. And you know what? The bulk of the signal is what you receive.

Your thoughts never stop and therefore your signal never stops. It changes from time to time, but it never stops.

If the majority of your thoughts are positive, light and joyful, then the universe will return to you things and situations that are also positive, light and joyful.

If the majority of your thoughts are negative, heavy and fearful, then the universe will deliver on those very things as well.

Now notice I used the term, majority. If your thoughts are 70% positive and 30% negative, then you can look forward to receiving a great deal of positivity in your life.

However, if your thoughts are 30% positive and 70% negative, then most things you encounter will be negative.

How about a concrete example? Let's try money.

Now you may be wondering, "Tal, I think about money all of the time. How come I'm not a billionaire?"

The answer lies in How you think about money. If you have bills due and you are in debt up to your eyeballs, then you probably think about money all of the time, but it's with a tone of desperation...and desperation qualifies as negativity.

You aren't thinking of money with light, happy are thinking about it in terms of how you don't have it and you need to get it...NOW!!! So majority of your thoughts are about how you are lacking and all you are doing is inadvertently cementing the line of thought, that in essence, you are broke.

Therefore, that's the thought that the universe receives most of the time and that is what is returned to you.

So don't think of money in terms of "I really need $5000.00" because you are actually saying to the universe, "I don't have $5000.00." Instead think, I already $5000.00. In fact, I already have everything I need and more. The universe will match your reality to your thoughts. It will do this in a number of ways. You could find some money on the ground. You may get a large unexpected refund from somewhere. You may just find numerous, easy opportunities to bring in more money. The possibilities are endless.

The good news is that no matter what situation you are in, you can control it. If you are able to change your inner dialogue and (thus your signal) you can also eventually change your reality.

The bad news is, you can control it.(;-)) That means that too many days spent thinking negatively can sideline some of the recent successes that you've had. If you allow negativity to permeate your mind most of the time, then once again your reality will start to match your bad thoughts.

You bad thoughts will once again start to attract bad things.

So this is why I feel that the two most important things in the world are: The Inner Dialogue and the Law of Attraction

These two things literally determine the type of life you will live.

You have to release your negative thoughts and deal squarely with positive ones. You must grab hold of every thought and jettison the bad ones while holding onto the good ones. This would be difficult for a newcomer and it would probably take several weeks to months (or even years) to become efficient. However, like most exercises, the more you do it, the easier it becomes overtime. Of course, this is the hard way.

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Wishing You All the Best,

Tal Smith


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